Is it possible that you have an authentic painting or drawing by Claude Monet? The answer may very well be yes.

There are many aspects of Monet’s life that give us reason to believe that some of his paintings or drawings have been lost over time.

1) Monet began his career as a caricaturist. While a few of his earliest drawings have been preserved, we expect that many more have yet to be discovered.

2) Monet was destitute for a long time. He struggled to pay his rent, suffered from depression, and even considered suicide. We know he took out an advertisement in the French classifieds offering to paint a composition in the color of choice for the person placing the order. It’s also possible he could have sold off many of his works to keep food on the table throughout these hard times.

3) Monet was drafted into the military and was sent to Morocco for several years. His artistic output during the war has remained a mystery to this day.

Monet Experts takes these events into consideration when we investigate the authenticity of our clients’ paintings and drawings. We also employ the technique of Morellian Analysis, a stylistic study of the piece in question, and documentary research.

When necessary, we resort to scientific methods of observation: X-ray photography, IR photography, pigment analysis, fingerprint and handwriting analysis, etc.

Artist foundations, auction houses and museums receive thousands of inquiries per day and respond to none. We know the authenticity of previously undiscovered work is possible, so we exhaust every resource to determine whether your painting or drawing was created by Claude Monet’s own hand.

If authenticity is determined by Monet Experts, we issue a Certificate of Authenticity and stand by our opinion. We have been a respected voice in the fine-arts community since 2002, and our authentication specialists are among the finest in the world.

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